Marshalls Information

1/2 Junction Positions

Click above to view Junction Photos (Their is a google map link to marshal points and Positions )-



Please ensure you have my number 07797768480 and text me with your name and junction number. Confirm that you have understood instructions



I will leave marshal bibs at your junction

Please be in place 15 minutes before the estimated first runner times.

Text me when in place.



Every year we have runners who do not hydrate or do not listen to their body...if you see a runner who appears to be in distress try and get them to stop and rest. I will leave a case of water (24x) at marshal points on the last half of the course, this is for emergency use and so do not hand out to runners unless they are clearly in a bad way.

There are sufficient water stops with each one having enough supplies. Runners can carry the bottles from these stops and hydrate.

On the st aubins- town stretch - If runners are clearly in trouble persuade runners to stop and get their heads under showers to cool down. This can have a huge effect. There are showers at Gunsite and one before , Bel Royal and another later on. If a runner is overheating this cooling effect will help enormously and then get them to sip water.




There is a paramedic following the runners and also one at end.

Contact paramedic +447797751840 or use emergency number 999 but explain that you are half marathon. Normandy Rescue link with the emergency services.

Make sure you know your marshal position number and road name.

Paramedics will need to know runner number and name - they have information with medical conditions etc.

Take a note of runner name and number and text me with this information of what has happened and runner details.


SO FAR EVERY INCIDENT HAS BEEN AVOIDABLE...and has been as a result of runners lack of self preservation- please try to help them help themselves!







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